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Experiences of Loss


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Loving and Remembering

a service for pregnancy loss


“I lost a child about three years ago but I had never grieved. I didn’t know how.”


Here is some brief information about a remembrance service held regularly in the Melbourne metropolitan area for anyone grieving the loss of a child before birth due to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, abortion, IVF or stillbirth.


Loving and Remembering


A non-denominational service for comfort... healing... and peace in memory of your lost child. Open to anyone grieving over ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth.

Arranged by Open Doors Pregnancy Loss Counselling Service Phone: (03) 9870 7044, (03) 9879 2332 or Freecall (outside Melbourne) 1800 647 995


Who is welcome?


This remembrance service, presided over by guest ministers from the local community, is for anyone grieving the loss of an unborn child. Parents, family members and friends are welcome.

What happens?


In a quiet and gentle way, the service acknowledges the love you have for your lost child, your grief and memories through readings, reflections, songs and prayers.


During the service we invite you to write your child’s name on a card with any ‘words of love’. What you have written will remain confidential. These cards will be prayerfully placed in a memorial garden at Open Doors, which you are free to visit. You may like to bring a small personal memento to place with your card.

The service allows you to be involved as much or as little as you are comfortable with, and your privacy is fully respected. The Order of Service has been carefully designed and has been requested for use by ministers and hospital chaplains around Australia.


For dates, location details and further enquiries contact Open Doors.

Phone: (03) 9870 7044, (03) 9879 2332 or Freecall (outside Melbourne) 1800 647 995 or email


What is it like?


A participant tells:


“I lost a child about three years ago through an abortion. I had never grieved, I didn’t know how. My grieving period had come when I was told about the Remembrance Service. I arrived at a little church in Ringwood. I went in. I was greeted by a friend who gave me a card and a pencil, explaining when I felt the time had come, to write my unborn child’s name and any messages of good-bye and love.


I went into the chapel. Throughout the service I felt we were all there to help each other. I had written my child’s name for the first time on that little white card with a message only we will share.


Then it was time to go to the front and place the card in a basket with others. That’s when I received a flower, which throughout the rest of the service, to me, represented my child. I was holding my child for the first and last time. That’s when my grieving started. I could suddenly cry for my child and for myself.


For me it was the turning point I needed to rest all my feelings and mixed up emotions. To start life with my family, but never forget that loved one I leave behind.”


Open Doors Pregnancy Loss Counselling Service


Grief associated with pregnancy loss (through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, abortion, IVF and stillbirth) can be a lonely experience. Sometimes it helps to talk it through. Skilled and caring listeners can help ease the pain of hidden or unresolved grief.

Specialist counselling and support is low cost and confidential.


Grief therapy by psychotherapists is also available for a negotiable fee.


These are only general suggestions. You should always seek outside help if you are unsure what to do. If you need to talk to someone right now you can call


5 Greenwood Ave Ringwood. 3134
Ph: (03) 9870 7044
Freecall outside Melbourne 1800 647 995

Updated July 2007

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