Men and pregnancy loss

  • “It is important that the male finds an outlet for his grief – talking about the experience helps make it seem more real and provides a release from the anguish, fear, anger and the disappointment that is often involved in pregnancy loss.” – read more

Genetic Counselling in pregnancy

  • “A client’s quick decision to terminate may actually reflect an attitude of hopelessness on the part of the doctor or counsellor.” – read more

After the abortion

  • “It is not unusual for the woman to find herself restless, agitated and grieving around the anniversary date of the abortion, and also around what would have been the baby’s birthday.” – read more

Emotional and psychological effects of Miscarriage

  • “Because many do not anticipate or understand the grief response associated with a pregnancy loss, they may feel as if they are going mad when their emotions catch up with them.” – read more


(Need some personal support about these issues?  You can find client stories and helpful information about unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy loss, including post abortion grief, by going to the Open Doors Counselling link.)